• Technical and Vocational Education International Journal (TAVEIJ)

    Education and Research Methods
    The International Journal of Technical and Vocational Education is managed by the Cendikia Mulia Mandiri Foundation. This journal publishes literarture research, case analysis, evaluation, development, models, learning, and other materials on all aspects of the same level as technical, vocational education, and training. Papers sent in this journal must be original, and of quality that is of interest to international readers. Manuscripts sent to this journal are subject to a peer review process, which involves a panel of international researchers who are experts in the relevant fields. It also publishes book reviews that have the potential to appeal to readers. This journal is published in print and online. The online version of the journal is free access and download.

    E-ISSN : 2721 - 9798

  • Public Health and Safety International Journal (PHASIJ)

    This journal publishes a wide range of article in this discipline covering all modern trends in clinical and experimental research associated with Public Health, Human Health Safety, Health Education, Health Care System, Health Professional, Health Equity, Health Effects, Health Hazard, Health Risk, Nutrition Policies, Food safety, Hygiene, Safety Programs, Risk Assessment, Chronic Disease, Statistical Significance, Processed Food, Quality of Life, Primary Care, Infectious Diseases, Globalization, Nutrition, Risk Management, Adverse Health Effects, Genetic Factors and creates a platform for the authors to contribute towards the journal. The scope of the journal is not limited to the listed research areas but covers a lot more areas globally. The editorial office promises to peer review the submitted manuscripts and ensures quality.

    E-ISSN : 2715-5854

  • Economic and Business Management International Journal (EABMIJ)

    Economic and Business Management International Journal (EABMIJ) is a journal who be published by Yayasan Cendikia Mulia Mandiri. This Journal's goal is publication for research in Economic and Business Management. All researcher can share all research and their knowledge in this journal. The paper in this journal must have never been published in another publication. All paper will be reviewed by blind reviewer, and selected paper will be published in this journal. The journal will publish in April, August, December.

    E-ISSN : 2715-3681

  • Engineering and Technology International Journal (EATIJ)

    The Engineering and Technology International Journal (EATIJ) is a scientific journal published by the Cendikia Mulia Mandiri Foundation. This is journal for the development of publications in the field of Engineering and Technology. We can make publication of research results and sharing the development of engineering and technology science. The paper which publish in this journal has never been published before in the form of research or applied research articles, review articles relating to technological developments and management used in the industrial world. All articles that enter will go through a 'peer-review process' after fulfilling the requirements according to the article writing guidelines. This journal is published in March, July and November.

    E-ISSN : 2714-755X